Lehet enni okroshka-t a gaszánon?

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Jun 30, 2015 Still, that doesn't make the current pain any easier to take. So the thought Call Okroshka, it is a Russian yogurt-based cold soup. Yogurt gets .Okroshka is a traditional Russian cold soup usually made of kvas (= Russian homemade beer), Okroshka is ideal to be served chilled on a hot summer.Jul 14, 2016 I bought a Zyliss Onion Chopper, which works beautifully for all my fast chopping (cubing) needs. There are many ways to make Okroshka, from .Okróshka (Russian: окро́шка) is a cold soup of Russian origin and probably originated at the according to taste. Okroshka is always served cold. Sometimes ice cubes are added to served portions to keep the soup cold in hot weather.Aug 7, 2010 I call this Okroshka a summer soup because it's served cold. It's very refreshing to have chilled soup on a hot summer.

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